Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Missing Link... Part One

Boy, does a soda run out really quickly when you're waiting for someone! I should have ordered for something stronger, considering what this 'appointment' is all about. I should have known when she set up this appointment that things would get quite serious. I took the chance and said I had something to tell her as well. This was hastily put together, but at least I got to pick the venue.

And then she arrives. I can detect a scent of lemon and strawberry, but that may just be the icecream she's eating. There's also a hint of urgency with just a touch of foreboding. And strawberry. I think I'm smitten all over again.

I finally remember to get up, smile and pull out the seat for her. We hug first, but it's one of those hugs you wish you hadn't (hugged?). We almost just fumbled about it. Anyway, she takes her seat, and I take mine. A little while later (about an hour, she's talkative!) we get down to business... I shoot first.

"It's always nice to hang out together like this. You're really good company."

"Oh? Wow! Coming from you, that means a lot. Glad you feel that way."

"Aww shucks!, I was wondering...You're a very interesting lady. You're sweet, thoughtful, smart, gentle. I like a lot about you. In fact, I like you and... would you be my girlfriend?"

"Well, that's sweet! I like you too, but not that way! I think of you more like a brother. Why would you spoil our good friendship? Can't we just be frien...."

"Ah, no! No no no no no!"

"What? Why are you overreacting?"

"I'm not. But just don't play that card, dear."

"What card?"

"The 'let's just be friends' card. I know, you have the 'best' of intentions, but what I hear is 'just continue being nice to me and in return, I'll offer you nothing but a smile!'"

"But I value your friendship and ....."

"Oh, really?"

"Duh! Why not? I mean, you're the nicest guy I know."

"And she says it! Have you never read that 'nice guys finish last'? And you call yourself my friend. Yes, you are, but we've crossed the Rubicon."

"The what now?"

"There's no going back. I have crossed the line. I'd rather die, theoretically, than live without you. If I can't date you, I can't stay by your side while some other guy does something I didn't."

"But you've done enough!"

"Clearly, I haven't."

"Ok, now you're just being childish."

"Perhaps, but I know when to move on when my dreams have been crushed. But let me ask you this. Do you girls think that the average guy is so gifted in foresight that he can attempt to have a relationship with you, which you will kindly reject, and fall back to (best)friendship, which was his original plan all along?"

to be continued...