Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sucker Punch-ed!

Ok, I admit it wasn't the best idea to decide to do this, but there's so much I felt like saying that wasn't going to cut it in a 'mere' facebook status message.

Last night's movie in point was Sucker Punch. Despite the truckload of negative criticism attached to it, I decided to brave the movie. Brave it I did, for it was a tough test on my nerves. I can relax to the fact that it offered little to tax my mental faculties, seeing as I was rather exhausted by the time I started it. These are my findings.

First 5 minutes:
Found nothing wrong with the opening scene. At this point it looks like a sensible movie. The title sequence had me clap my hands in glee... Something about such movies and rain that just makes the whole scene tick.

Next 20 minutes:
Still not asleep, so I soldier on. Not having a problem with the soundtrack so far. And like the Russian accent. Hate the whole ballet thing. Then she 'dances.'

Some sort of Eastern temple. Old man offers advice, laced with corny quips. Amusing at first. Then the first battle. I'm impressed by the realistic tactics I notice in the fight, though I'm put off by the seemingly invincible sword. Two hits from those giants should have shattered that ka-sword. What's it made of? Vibranium? (Vibranium: fictional energy-absorbing metal. Used to make Captain America's round shield, and to power the Mark VI in Iron Man 2 - courtesy of wiki)

Hmm, so instead of watching some silly (and most likely erotic dance routines) we're treated to some awesome fight scenes?! Cool!

After an hour:
I gave up on following any story developments. Just waiting for the fights. The four items (around which the plot seemingly revolves) no longer bear any significance to me. And I'm also disappointed that the dragon died so easily. It must have had such a low self-esteem. At this point, I'm pretty sick of the old man's words of advice. Shoot him already!

At 1:14:05:
Fighting robots! Yay!!! This gets me seated upright. I like robots. Of course the ragtag band of soldiers comes through every mission without a scratch, but I can live with that. Though the robots put up a decent 'fight' it's the awesome sword-gun combo that does it for me. I've only seen that in video games. Ok, I think it would have been way cooler if it were a guy doing the shooting/slashing. But then again, it's a girls day out. So far, no girly cries so it's still ok.
Have been greatly enjoying the scenery.

Then, somehow the movie comes to a screeching halt! I run out of appropriate diss words before they even come out. Well, I can't say I didn't expect some disappointment.

In general, I managed to watch this movie while doing about 3 tasks simultaneously, so lost nothing in the way of plot. Of course I had to pay attention when the fighting started. Can't watch a fight and make an omelette at the same time.

I was admittedly impressed by the visuals and the soundtrack, only! In short, I agree it was a terrible movie. One I enjoyed watching. I did find the gems in the dirt.


  1. haahaaaha i treated it better wen i reviewed it on my blog, you just went ahead and said what i sugar coated, plain boring! but the end was sad

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!! I just died...
    I actually watched the thing in the cinema - HORRIBLE

  3. Well, I'm sure glad I didn't watch it in the cinema. Sorry TRP!