Thursday, October 16, 2014

Movie blues...

Going to watch a movie at the cinema is kind of a sacred thing for me. By the time the year begins, I've planned all the movies I'm going to watch that year (give or take a few), and the wait for them to hit the screens is palpable. Over time, I've even singled out the best seats for optimum viewing pleasure. I need to be in those seats each time I go to the cinema.

Usually, these excursions are supposed to go on without much delay or difficulty, but there are certain factors that tend to get in the way.

The one of these (and by far my least favorite) is the (usually annoying) tag-along. You know, the one person that gets a whiff of your plans to go catch a movie and they suddenly decide that they want in, with no prior planning on their part whatsoever. They just decide that they have some time on their hands and want to spend it watching a movie with someone presumably special to them. In my experience, this has led to the tag-along turning up unnecessarily late, which results in you getting into the hall 20 minutes into the movie, and spending the rest of the movie trying to figure out what's going on, at the same time satisfying the curiosity of the equally baffled tag-along. Oh, it hurts! There was the one time I relented to this deviation and even bought the ticket, only for the tag-along to fail to show up. And there I was, with an unused ticket in my pocket and an empty seat beside me, a seat I had fought so hard to keep empty.

Another factor is that person who's totally clueless about the movie they're watching and end up asking you all sorts of questions. Excuse me! I'm also watching the movie for the first time! Could you please save those questions for later? Now, I don't mind the occasional comment or light banter during a movie, or a strong reaction to an epic scene. But don't offer lengthy explanations that are unwarranted. I remember someone asking me for an explanation of why Captain America's shield didn't shatter when Thor pounded it with his mighty hammer. I knew the answer, but there was too much epic stuff going on at the time for me to divert my attention to such a question. If you feel lied to, save your grief for after the movie, where comments and thoughts are fully enabled. Just control thyself for those 2 or so hours in the meantime.

I really look forward to blockbusters, so much that I hardly even consider critic reviews. Whether they praise the movie or not, if it's on my list, it's going to get watched. Now, if only I had consistent and favorable company each time, it would be real plot. For now, it's mostly a solo adventure. I'm eagerly awaiting the next 'The Hobbit' movie, but I'm not looking forward to the inevitable drama that may rear its head.

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