Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Project: Stingray (Part 1)

Looks like I got a new hobby over the weekend. I now officially love swimming! It wasn't my first time, but it sure felt like it. The last time I had tried, I hadn't really succeeded.

Anyhow, this time around, I went with a trainer and 'cheerleader,' so i was being yelled at and shouted at. It was comforting.

I thought it was as obvious as it looks when I watch other people do it. I was almost right. I didn't consider the fact that having 3 instructors could complicate things further.

When you look like you're in a plight of sorts, it's amusing how people come to your rescue, each giving advice that's contrary to the other's. So, I tried each of their theories, but it's the 3rd guy's stuff that seemed to cover more groud (er..water).

Needless to say, in 30 minutes, i was as good at swimming as a dog. I hope to upgrade to a better mammal next time... perhaps an otter.


  1. Nice!!meaning to get wet myself,i'll take this as a 'u too can do it' message...congs
    btw,again,ps open up the comments. there shd be an option u need to change to allow non-google pple to comment

  2. that makes the two of us..when i watch a trailer or someone tells me about a movie...i assume i have watched

  3. Thanks for opening up the comment space..was ranting. now get us smthg else to read eh??