Friday, October 29, 2010

BHH: Re-cap?!

I had never been the first man on the scene, so I thought it would be memorable. Indeed, it was, for I was shocked! As I wondered what had become of the 'brethren' the ever-friendly Lulu joined me in my wondering. So, as we wondered whether we'd missed some communication, we were 'saved' by the sudden appearance of Dante. Yes, he actually walked in like he runs this town. He even shooed away the bouncers with their ka-metal detector. And that wasn't the last they heard from him. We hurriedly put together tables and a few seats lest he'd turn on us, but being the generally calm guy, our fears subsided soon after. So, we sat down and he regaled us with tales of his days past.

A few laughs later, I caught sight of Tipsyalcophobic and her friend Victoria tiptoeing past us. They went inside. As I wondered why, my eyes fell on the 'sharply' dressed young ladies at the entrance. Then I stopped wondering, for I knew they were up to something.

The inglourious Baz came in (more like rushed in, like he had hell's hounds at his heels) and quickly took his seat. I guess he's taking this 'celebrity author' thing a little too seriously. As he settled down, he kept sweeping nervous glances around. His fears were confirmed shortly afterwards. Tipsy and Vic came running towards him. I think they fell into his reluctant embrace. They were saying a lot of things, but the most repeated word was 'autograph.' I learned that they were peddling his new book for him, and that he had ammased an impressive number of fans, mainly campusers. So, he signed a few books and let them go. The greetings came later; much, much later.

Then the good part, rather, the 'good' person came. We were told that she's Samalie. We believed it, even clapped with joy! She looked so prim and proper that for a while I was concerned about whether I'd greeted her right. My concerns were calmed by a sip of modified Coke.

Dante took a photo. The bouncers reacted to the sudden flash by walking to our table, complete with the furious, intimidating look. When they saw that it was Dante with the offending item, they softened on their approach. They begged him not to take any more photos. Said something about privacy concerns. He said he'd take a few more and that would be that. They were more than happy to agree to those terms. They left without further resistance.We listened to rantings about how politically incorrect Avatar was, the new law that considers a phone as a computer, and older ladies. Not necessarily in that order.
Yeah, we were missing a good number of regulars... Perhaps they'd taken the month off. Hope to see them next time.

Kudos to Tipsy, whose antics kept us glued to our seats when we felt like giving up. Her friend Vic kept fanning the flames, so she may share in the spoils. Lulu showed off her 'awesomeness' and Dante had to say his name a dozen times. You can ask him what that was really about.


  1. Oh how i missed BHH. One of the few ive issed this year.
    And as the year comes to an end, i think we should be planning for a 13th BHH which we shall call the mega BHH.

    And because i didnt show up, ill leave these SOX for the next commenter. Thanks for the recap.

  2. Goodt'ness - there are alot of names missing...

  3. Safyre, it was nice meeting you all. But that bit about bouncers reacting to the sudden flash I don't remember. I must have been distracted.