Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I used to joke with my cousin Nev about how fun it would be to work in a telecom company. Well, it sounded fun at the time, since we would be in the much-publicized 'corporate world.' I wasn't totally right.

My fortunes took a crazy (and welcome) turn when I found myself being employed by a telecom giant. Hahaha... My 'dream' had come true! I looked up to the sky (of course, after I'd recovered from the shock) and thanked the Good Lord for this blessing. Then the realities set in. I lost many assumptions about the fantasy world I thought was 'corporate.' I was surprised to learn that people do seem to mind their own business. As such, that mentality gave me (arguably) the best blessing I could get out of the 'world,' my own dress code!

Now, as most people who know me will testify, I'm no friend of formal garb. Ties only end at those special functions, specifically a close friend's wedding, if I'm nice. I don't like tucking in, and I don't like those sharp shoes! Misonso, as they are fondly called.

I was told that since I'm an 'engineer' I'm expected to look the part. What more could I ask for? I had the bright eye of a kid on his first bike... So, I have not held back since my first day. Even the day of the interview, I didn't pull my punches. Great is the Lord indeed, for I have been wearing jeans, t-shirts, shirts and khaki slacks day in day out. So much so that recently I had to attend a farewell party of a close friend, and I almost couldn't find my formal attire! Some of my peeps wonder if I'm just kidding them. They should know better. I'm living the dream!!! Now, time to find a new dream. Here I come, Nev...


  1. Hehe, I remember them days of asking God tough questions, guess He looked and said- "You guys donno what is in store!" Happy for you bro.

  2. Hey i am truly happy for you hun.. I work with engineers and but you guys your dress sense is unbeatable..

  3. Thank you UG Gal. But please, the clothes don't make the man, but they may define him! Our work is 'hands-on' so it doesn't make sense to don the long sleeves.

  4. Go for it.

    As for the formal garb: I think it is all fuss really. Why would one expect me to wear something that would have me sweating in minutes, and very uncomfortable?
    The only time I remember being "formal" (which by the way I think is over-rated)is sosh many years ago. After that, well...