Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gods and Generals- Part 1

I was at a well known local amusement park recently. I was surprised I could enjoy some of those rides at 'this' age. It later occured to me that adrenaline rushes are no respecters of age! I found myself screaming like a child, and had the joy of watching full grown men and women also screaming like little girls..

Funny thing is, the little girls weren't party to the screaming. They were too busy crying their hearts out..

Alright, enough of the lollygagging; Ahem!

One is a gift, the other a rank.

One is a state of being, the other a being of the state..

I would rather be the one, than be the other...

One is original, the other a copy....

One is absolute, the other subjective...

The ability to look into situations and see their outcome, as well as have some control and ability to determine the outcome...now that's something I'd like to do regularly.

To be continued....


  1. Loled alot
    with all the amusement in bars wat were you doin at an amusement park?

  2. you know u've left us hanging...