Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gods and Generals - Reinstate

Adam sure did sell us cheap! Just a bite of fruit? He could've done better than that. That's a picture of how much we can lose in just a moment of carelessness. Why carelessness? Well, since time immemorial, guys have left their women to wander off unattended, only to reap the consequences. From here onwards, ladies stop blaming your guys for 'tight-marking' you. Anti you know how history tends to repeat itself.

So, Adam sold his rights to this earth to that snake and...well most of you know how that story goes. In short, our status as Generals was lost that day. We became mere paupers, at the mercy of the current landlord. Until about 2000 years ago...

The God amongst men decides to do what's necessary. Never send a man to do God's job. In short, he reminds the snake who's in charge. Snake gets the point, amidst stifled pleas for mercy, anti the God-man has his heel on the snake's throat. So much for the terrifying landlord. The bugger's a sucker when it comes to The Lord. So, He demands for the keys and the title deed, which he hands over peacefully, and the God-man walks off to begin his restoration duties. As a reminder, the snake is left toothless..

He said, "As many as believed in Him, he gave the right to be called children of God." And also, "I say, ye are gods, and children of the Most High."


Apparently, were supposed to be gods. Well, not the gods that people come and sacrifice goats and chickens to as a way to get rich quick. No, neither the kind that demands worship and honour. NO. We are gods that are in authority over this earth, to multiply and subdue it. To be responsible custodians of this gift called 'planet earth.' Not behaving like those chaps in strikes who vandalize their own property! That means I tell that dog to stop chasing me for its own pleasure. Tell that mosquito to keep its malaria to itself, for I don't need it. The gods whose words have power and effect. Say it, and you shall have it. Indeed, to be gods among men, yet servants to our neighbours. Selfishness just doesn't fly. It never hurts to help every now and then.
I don't mean that they/we should be arrogant gods... Just be a human being who knows that the world belongs to us, not the other way around. Not to find ourselves chasing after mirages we call the pleasantries of life. We need things that last, things that stand the test of time. The rest is just stuff that gives some ease to our lives, providing some comfort.

We are in the world, but not of the world. Make the most of thine lives, all ye for whom the bell tolls. For one day, we'll face our Father and he'll wipe every tear from our eyes, or ....it's a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.

We could have been generals, but we can be gods...


  1. Bravo Bravo...(Clapping hands) This is beautiful. The last line is killer too..."We could have been generals, but we can be gods..."

  2. Its been a long while since i read that i am a god. and God gave me the authority to become a child of God. This is uplifting. a word in due season..xx

    PS: Adam is no excuse for some dude to tight mark me. that i disagree..lol

  3. Hmmmm....interesting. And yes we are gods!

  4. my head hurts, why do you have to torment me with theology!

  5. @ Streetsider: That's not torment, and neither is it theology, my friend. That's just plain truth.
    I'm sure you'll get the hang of it - in due season!

    To all: Thank you for your boisterous applauses.