Monday, November 9, 2009

Heroes are born, but Villains are made...

Ah, here we go again...

It's a common phrase that heroes are remembered after they have died. Quite true for most, until the advent of the 'superhero.' Then heroes started to live longer, and the cowards cheered them on, or got them to run strange errands. Who tells a superhero to rescue a cat stuck in a tree? The insolence!

Back to the gist of this charade...

Once upon a time there was a boy. He was the least favoured in school. Always picked on by the jocks because of his diminutive stature. Nevertheless, he kept creeping forward with his life, coz life at school was far better than that at home. Who wouldn't want a break from an abusive father and alcoholic mom? So, as an ordinary boy, he has a huge crush on the most popular girl at school. Of course he's had this crush since kindergarten. She just happens to be in high school now (A-level, if you will.) Jock knows Recluse loves the girl entirely, but tries to frustrate his every attempt to woo her.

All the recluse ever sees in his life is injustice. Nobody is bold enough to step up to the plate and bat the ball out of the field. For all he knows, everyone is a coward in their own right. But he knows he can be different. He can step up. His is not direct approach, but stealth, subtle in his dealings. Meticulous in his habits.

Surprisingly, the jock has similar parents. His dad is not only violent, but a perfectionist. His excellence in sports is just a front for his otherwise broken soul. He prefers that the people around him don't see his misery. But he's resolute. His determination is rock-solid. His heart unwavering.

At the last dance, it would be his dream to ask her to dance with him, and he almost does, until the handsome jock beats him to the punch. He's broken.

Fast forward, 10 years later...

One is a lawyer, the other a banker. Both are businessmen. None got the girl in the end. She left the jock for an older man. She married him for the money. Well, wasn't she a social climber? The older man banks with the banker, and the lawyer does his legal stuff.

You tell me who becomes the hero and who becomes the villain...



  1. Oh my GOODNESS!!! this is where i read that riot story!!! Did you write the second part yet?
    So far: Villain - The Chick

  2. TRP: The second part is a work in progress.. Still getting a hold of the cast.
    So far... We'll see as the story unfolds.

  3. You guy, all's fair in no heroes, villains, etc..just lust and mo lust

  4. second part please....
    No villian and no hero in this part...