Monday, June 28, 2010

Wounded pride...

Why didn't you just let me be? You had me cornered, helpless, and wide open. You could've dealt me the final blow and ended this, but why did you not? You would have saved me all this pain, not just physical, but also psychological. How could I have lost to you so easily? Did I rush into this fight without proper knowledge of my opponent? Did I misinterpret the signs? Perhaps I didn't think through my actions well enough. It's because you did something that strange it's got me thinking about that day ever since.

That day has forever been engraved in my mind and my heart. The day my adversary spared me from certain doom. The reasons are still basically out there, but I must admit that it was honorable of you. You are not as bad as I thought.

I almost thought it was because you had mercy upon me, but I learnt later that it wasn't the case. No, you're not that compassionate, otherwise we wouldn't have had this fight. You must be quite honorable to let me go like that. Anyone else would have relished a chance like that, and wouldn't have missed a beat in doing me in. This was different. You just looked at me and smiled. I thought it was ironic when I found myself smiling too, but it wasn't. I was caught off-guard by your hesitation. I failed to understand it, and you didn't care to explain it.

Is it because after all the battles I've taken part in, my heart has been hardened towards compassion for my foes. I never hesitate once I've raised my sword to strike. Whenever I'm in a duel, one of us has to remain standing, and that has always been me. No one has stood against me and lived to tell the tale. I don't have recurring foes, just new ones. In battle, I'm decisive. I move swiftly and slice surely. But this, this is unnerving. It goes against everything I stand for.

Nevertheless, you stand over me, your hand reaches out to help me up. When I get to my feet, you smile and walk away. I look down in shame and as I do so, I see something I hadn't seen all this time. In my hand, I hold a shattered sword...