Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Freedom of X-presh'n

Usually, there's so many ways to go about it. But for most, when angered by a certain situation, will choose to express it with a word. Actually, this word could mean a verb, noun, place, person, etc. I'm yet to figure out why these words are always restricted to four letters... Is it coz of the fact that when one is infuriated, their overall intelligence drops by that much? I mean, how often do you catch a guy, when mad, saying, "this whole thing has de-stabilized my mental faculties," or, "I'm really furious about what that oaf has just done."
Instead, you hear things like, "She's pissing me off; I'm *@#*ed, or this guy's trying to *&$# with me. (Due to the nature of the writer, the supposed phrases could not be clearly expressed. But if you have even half a brain, you should follow!)
Personally, I'm a lot more sophisticated than that. In the same scenario, I would say, "Someone at work is getting on my nerves. If this persists, I'll be forced into taking serious measures to ......." and I threaten doing what I don't really intend to do..
I like 'Everybody hates Chris' especially Rochelle, who threatens to 'shove her feet so far up one's behind that they'll have toes for teeth!'

Let me go tell off this scoundrel who thinks he can sell me 2k airtime at 2500/=....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Never too late..

Well, I guess my first post should be about my very first experience with real-life bloggers at BHH! How, like superheroes, even bloggers have alter-egos. I just don't quite know who's the real person and who's "just the pretty face." For now, I have only kind words. I was good meeting B2B, Detamble, Jackfruity, Rev, Johnny23, Darlene, and so on. I won't expose my weakness in names yet, but I won't forget those faces.

It's kinda hard to find something to talk about in a meeting of the 'blog-minded'. I must say it wasn't disappointing. Hope to be more regular in times to come... In the meantime, 'Adios, amigos!'