Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Red Wednesday

I'm wearing red shoes today, that's why I call it 'red wed' hehehe! Someone approached me on one of my lowest moments and advised me to 'add some colour to my life.' I'm doing just that. OK, I may have taken her a bit too literally, but this should be fun. I shall have colour-coded days. Like the Power Rangers. No, not like the Teletubbies. Even as a child, I detested those things. They always got in the way of Samurai X. I still detest them. My kids shouldn't be encouraged to even dress like them. As such, I should make a mental note to avoid those colours of theirs.

While I think of tomorrow's theme, I should catch you up on certain things. I had been deployed in the hottest corner of Uganda for quite some time and it's a surprise I didn't just evaporate on arrival. OK, it's not that hot, but it's pretty hot that side. In fact, it's so hot that tea never cools. I assure you! For as long as I can recall, my tea never cooled, not even once! You can imagine how hard it was to find cold water. You can't? What do you mean you can't? Of course you can! Try it. (Disclaimer: If I start to sound weird, it means the heat might have done a number on me. Fear not, for it comes and goes.)

Back to the colors. I realize I don't have many pairs of shoes, much less a colour for every weekday. So, find me wearing green shoes, don't imagine it's Green Sunday! It might be the hat! I don't wear hats much, but she said it wouldn't be easy. If you're wondering, no, she isn't monitoring my progress. If she is, that wasn't part of the deal. And if I find that I'm wearing way too many colours at once, I'll blame it on my over-enthusiasm.

I know, this isn't a major comeback from 'wherever I had gone and couldn't write from' but she's here to give me some pointers about 'adding a little spring to my step.'

Give me a moment, please.