Tuesday, February 28, 2012

UBHH Recap: New Look

For those that are not sure, Uganda Bloggers' Happy Hour (UBHH) is a bloggers meet that happens every last Thursday of the month. Yesterday was the last Thursday of Feb, so it went down at Mateo's. I arrived at the scene to find Darlyne, Mildred and Dilman already settled in. Not bad, I thought. I hadn't seen these faces in a while. After our hearty hellos (these folks sure know how to welcome kindred spirits), I got to take a seat and take in my surroundings. Mateo's now has steel barristers. Before, they were not made of steel. Looked a lot like rope. They also have straw chairs and tables! The place looks funkier. They still don't let us take photos though, apparently. They still have those beefy guards at the entrance.

Well, we were soon joined by Caesar. I'd never seen him before but he seemed to be a crowd favourite. I got to learn why moments later. By this time I had a smile on my face. The second BHH I've attended without a ULK rep? What happened? Solomon King joined us later. He exchanged one of those greetings with Dilman. You know, those ones of 'So you're the one! Great to finally meet you' type of greeting. We had settled down by then. As you'd expect in meetings such as these, we discussed our work. Then we went on about trends, CGI, photography, fashion, series and movies, and possible collabos. No, not the musical ones. Not the hostile takeovers either; just collabos. Perhaps Mildred and Dilman are going to sing a song together. People have all sorts of passions, I tell you. When a couple of guys started talking about cameras, I was amazed. It’s always refreshing to hear someone talk about something they know well. They almost convinced me to take up photography myself. I’m still thinking about it.

These blogger meetings keep getting better. I got a chance to get a great movie that I’d heard about just recently. I’m not sure what the others got, but they can speak for themselves. As for those that missed, we are a forgiving bunch. In fact, we are so forgiving that there is no beef for anyone. That’s as a group. Personally, I’m putting a bounty on Jhny23’s head.