Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kingdom Come...

Hello blogren! Yeah, it's been too long but finally the dark clouds lifted. I can finally write again! On that note, I guess I can attend UBHH without feeling misplaced.
I have been doing a little reading lately. Not newspapers, actual reading. Ok, not magazines either. Inspirational stuff. Needed to be inspired.

So, I set about reading some comics. One storyline i found interesting is the title for my blog. This is the review:

The Joker kills a couple of guys at the Daily Planet, including Lois Lane. Sick, right? So, he's arrested and is to face trial, but some super-dude comes and kills him. The community at large is more than pleased to see the Joker wasted. For some reason, they don't tell us if Batman is one of them. Superman is furious, of course! Why would anyone kill the Joker? What happened to justice? What happened to the system? Why are they praising a murderous super-dude? I think he's jealous. Either that, or he's hurt that Lois Lane died, and the people are happy about it.
Anyway, he flies off in disgust to the Fortress where he spends the next decade pining over his great loss. The superhero community at that time also parts ways.

A decade later, there's hardly any difference between superhero and supervillian. They fight at will, causing death and destruction of property and so on... The humans now detest the superhumans (kyoka DC Comics can also be slow!). Superman gets over himself and seeks out a now aged Batman for help, but Batman refuses. He has his reasons. He tells him those reasons. Batman sets up a faction of non-powered heroes to police the threat. Lex Luthor also puts up a team. So does Superman, after extreme cajoling from Wonder Woman. Factions fight. Superman wins, eventually, as usual. Heroes lose their masks and live as acceptable citizens. Batman retires, and so does Superman.

Moral(s) of the story?

Superman was soaked in anguish and decided to abandon his hero life. He failed to realise that his presence was a sort of moral compass for up and coming heroes. The ideals he stood for provided hope for those he saved and worked with. His absence inadvertently caused the conflict. So, before you think you're worthless, remember that you mean the world to at least one person.

Let not your pain blind you to your potential! We can all be useful one way or another...

The life of a hero is not an easy one, but it's a useful one. If you're going to be a hero, it's a lifetime occupation, until you find someone to replace you.

(Feel free to add if you learned something I didn't!)