Thursday, February 5, 2009

About the rich dude..

Stories have been told of the exploits of the 'coloured folk'....I'm not talking about guys who own a Mercedes or a Range Rover. I'm talking about guys who own a FLEET of luxury rides..Guys who have that other kind of money.. Guys who have...'giraffe money'. I mean, how rich can you get? A guy has 3ooo acres of land and 2 giraffes? I can barely keep a dog! It's almost unfair to know that one guy can own one third of Buganda... and leave the no-gooders haggling about the rest of it. These guys think bargaining is only done by hostage negotiators.

That's just the kind of role model I would like to have. Imagine having a gold plated bathroom, and you are labelled 'filthy-rich.' Come to think of actually makes sense!

Some of these guys think the credit crunch is some kind of cereal...

These guys can even afford to wear whatever they like...and have half the world trying to emulate them!

Some people wear gold accessories, but these guys have golden dining tables, golden cutlery, golden phones, golden bank accounts, you name it. Everything they touch turns to gold.
I wonder if all that money can really buy happiness and trust...

AHH...It seems vain, but my time will soon come... As for me, I'll have 'dolphin money.'

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lost in Translation

I've always been wary of people who talk too much.. Frankly, they take too long to put their pooint forward, simple as it may be. To make matters worse, they assume that the first language they used was a bit too hard for you to understand.. so they decide to translate for you. Normally, I would appreciate the effort, only if you are using a language I can't even construct a sentence in.. Kind of like selling you a car, and the tires separately.

Now, this fellow accosts me and tells me, "Kati, now, i need you to tolerate with me peku town, anti this journey is insobokable without your giganormous input." and a couple of other things which evaded my conscience. So, I told him, "You woke up, and somehow miraculously expected to find me and have me accompany you on your errands, and even fund your journey?! You have a lot of nerve!" To which he replied, "Anti the guy I want to spot has my stuff naye he banje's me.."